21 Things You Did Not Know About Charlize Theron

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6. Afrikaans is Theron’s fist language. It branched out of various Dutch dialects, which were mainly spoken by Dutch settlers in South Africa. It developed into its currently form gradually over the course of the 18th century. She spoke Afrikaans in the 2001 film 15 minutes. It is in a brief scene and she is heard speaking over the phone in Afrikaans.

7. Theron had a troubled childhood. Her father was an alcoholic and abusive towards her and her mother. Her mother killed him by shooting him when he tried to attack them both. She did not face any charges as the shooting was ruled to be an act of self-defense and not intentional.

8. Theron’s mother entered her into a modeling competition the same year that her father died. Theron won the competition and this opened the door to her modeling and eventually her movie career. An Italian scout took notice of her and she was asked to move to Milan to kick-start her modeling career.

9. Theron’s modeling gigs took her to New York. She decided to give her ballet career another shot and hence decided to stay longer in New York. She enrolled into Joffrey Ballet School, but her ballet career was short-lived as an unfortunate knee injury put an end to it.

10. The unfortunate and untimely end to her ballet career did turn out to be a silver lining as Theron moved to Los Angeles in 1994 to try acting. Talent manager John Crosby accidentally discovered her in an L.A. bank when she was throwing a tantrum at the teller for refusing to cash her check.

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