2018 Pirelli Calendar Unveiled

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Year after year the average individual will pick up an ordinary calendar with a cute dog on the cover. More than likely, several months out of the year that same calendar forgets to be turned to the appropriate month. A calendar you can guarantee won’t be forgotten about is the Pirelli Calendar. Not your typical Playboy or image of interest themed calendars, but Pirelli’s calendars are infamously launched annually at limited quantity to a restricted number of customers, which are mostly celebrities.

Over the years this infamous calendar has featured distinguished models and entertainers, been photographed by eminent photographers, and has been captured all over the world. In 1964 Brian Duffy traveled South of France to photograph Annabella Virginia, Pauline Dukes, Jeannette Harding, and Pauline Stone. In 2006 Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot conducted their shoot for the calendar in the French Riviera with Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Natalia Vodianova, Karen Elson, and Guinevere Van Seenus.

For 2018’s launch an all-Black cast of models, musicians, activists, and actors are being plastered throughout the calendar for the Alice In Wonderland theme shot by English photographer Tim Walker.

The video above features the behind the scenes of the making of the 2018 Pirelli Calendar. In the video you are able to see Zoe Bedeaux, Lil Yachty, Lupita, and many more icons.

Diddy shares his opinion on Tim’s message for the shoot, “That bold statement by Pirelli I think really goes against any ignorance. People of color all over the world need to know that they are kings and queens and I think that this story of Alice In Wonderland puts that in that proper perspective.”

Let’s take a look at some of the photos released to the public via Pirelli’s official website.

pirelli calendar 2018 pirelli 2018 calendar pirelli calendarduckie thot pirelli calendar

Shot in London, this fantasy spread casts the first photo above as:

The Royal Duchess and Princess of Hearts – Whoopi Goldberg and Thando Hopa.

Second photo:

Queen and King of Hearts – RuPaul and Djimon Hounsou

Third photo:

The Beheader – Naomi Campbell and Sean Diddy Combs

Fourth photo:

Alice – Duckie Thot

Written by: Selena Cintron

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