20 Things You Didn’t Know About Friends

Whether if you’re a fan or not, you must have definitely heard of the hit TV show “Friends” at least once in your life. Here are 20 things you didn’t know about Friends, in case you wanted to know more about the show and its cast!

1. The show’s title was originally going to be “Insomnia Cafe”, then “Friends Like Us” and “Six of One”. It was then eventually cut to just “Friends”.

2. James Michael Tyler, the actor playing Gunther was actually working in a cafe as a barista when he was cast for the role.

3. Chandler was not supposed to be a character who was awkward around women, however the actor Matthew Perry told the show producers that he himself was, incorporating that in his character.

4. Courteney Cox played David Schwimmer’s young sister, despite being older than him.

5. The golden frame on Monica’s apartment door was originally a mirror, accidentally smashed by one of the crew. It still looked good so they decided to keep it.

6. Joey and Chandler had a duck in an episode and Lisa Kudrow was actually terrified of it in real life.

7. Monica’s apartment number changed from 5 to 20 and Joey’s from 4 to 19 when the show’s writers realised that “5” wouldn’t denote an apartment on an upper level floor in a large block.

8. The cast was actually drinking coffee on set at Central perk.

9. Before the show’s pilot aired, all the cast went to Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas to enjoy dinner as their “last shot at anonymity”.

10. The famous orange couch in Central Perk was accidentally found in the basement of the Warner Bros. studio.

11. In the last episode, it’s mentioned that all six characters have at least once lived in Monica’s apartment however it’s not mentioned that they have all also lived in Joey’s.

12. Lisa Kudrow was pregnant in real life so the storyline of Phoebe carrying her brother’s triplets was added to the show.

13. Courteney Cox just had a miscarriage when she had to film the scene in which Rachel has Emma.

14. Before filming each episode, the cast would have a huddle to wish each other luck.

15. NBC originally thought the cast was too young, asking the writers to add an older character.

16. Ellen DeGeneres was offer to play Phoebe, but she turned it down.

17. All the main characters have kissed each other at some point, except Monica and Phoebe.

18. David Schwimmer was the director of ten Friends episodes.

19. The barista Gunther didn’t have a line until the show’s 33rd episode, when he said “yeah”.

20. When the show ended, each cast member was given a piece of the sidewalk from outside Central Perk as a keepsake.

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