20 Facts You Did Not Know About Anne Hathaway

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11. No Charges Pressed


The FBI once seized Hathaway’s diaries when her ex Raffaello Follieri was arrested for wire fraud and money laundering. She never had any charges pressed against her.

12. The Catwoman Or Not?


Hathaway is allergic to cats and ironically played Catwoman in the Batman movie “Dark Knight Rises.” While auditioning for the role she thought it was for Harley Quinn. It was only later when she chatted with Christopher Nolan, she realized that it was for Catwoman/Selina Kyle.

13. Favorite Novel


Ayn Rand’s ‘The Fountainhead’ is her favorite novel.

14. Pizza Guy, Isn’t He a Stranger?


Hathaway hates talking to strangers on the phone, even if it’s the pizza guy. She thinks it’s ‘terrifying’ to call him and place an order.

15. Singing


In the movie ‘Ella Enchanted’, Hathaway actually sings when her character Ella does so. The other actors got their voices dubbed by singers.

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