20 Facts You Did Not Know About Anne Hathaway

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Here are 20 facts that you did not know about Anne Hathaway that will make you love her even more.

1. The Princess Diaries

princess diaries

During Hathaway’s audition for “The Princess Diaries,” Hathaway accidentally fell out of her chair and was offered the role right on the spot.

2. Anne, The Nun???


Hathaway wanted to be a nun till she was 15.

3. The Barrow Group


Hathaway was the first teenager admitted to the acting program at The Barrow Group in New York.

4. The Death Scare


Hathaway experienced real-life fear when she got caught up in a riptide during vacation in Oahu, Hawaii. Luckily, a surfer came to her rescue before she drowned.

5. TV Debut


Hathaway made her TV debut was in a Better Homes and Garden Real Estate commercial filmed in 1997.

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