18 Awkward Things That Happen In Every New Relationship

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A new relationship is always exciting. It is full of wonderful and memorable events: The first kiss, the first time you finish your sentences, the first time you catch a play together… At the same time, there are also many awkward things that happen for which you need to be prepared for. Even though this may sound funny in foresight, it is very awkward when it happens. So, here are 18 things that you are going to face when in a new relationship.

1. Using a pet name for the first time…


Okay… You don’t like… I have made a note of it… Will come up with a new one real soon… Until then make do with this…

2. You still don’t know what he likes, ~*sexually*~.


What is the weird sound that he is making mean? Does he like it, does he not like it? God, this is hard…

3. Your first fart!!! His first fart!!!


Oops… Did I just fart in front of him??? OR Did he just fart??? How do you know how long to wait before it is okay to fart in front of someone???

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