14 His and Her Ideas For Valentines Day 2018

valentines day

Is it that time of year already? Take over Valentines Day this year, do not let it take over you. Get ahead of the game and prepare! Below we have 14 ideas that can suit both males and females to help you out of your usual stump:

  • Wake your significant other up to breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed

Whether it’s a bowl of their favorite cereal, their favorite brand of gluten-free pancakes, or avocado toast with a side of french toast, wake them up to a nice treat to start their day off right.

  • Take them shopping for a date night outfit

Wherever you plan on venturing out to that night, take them shopping – your treat. Let them pick out something they’d like to wear specifically for you.

  • Make reservations at a restaurant neither of you have never been to before

date night wine

A local spot or an infamous one in the next town over – just the thought of sharing a new experience with you will make their day 10x more special.

  • Surprise them with a minuscule gift that that provides more meaning than value

A new charm for their charm bracelet, a new wallet, a gift certificate to their favorite thrift shop – small, useful gifts are always a good idea.

  • Go out of town for the the entire Vday weekend

If you would like to go all out, plan a getaway weekend at a reputable hotel or resort with an amazing pool. Rather the outdoors? Take them on a tour of the best hiking trails in your local area. Whether dry or warm, dedicate 2-3 days for just the two of you.

  • Treat your partner to a relaxing, enjoyable spa day

spa day

Nothing beats massages, facials, a steam a room, indoor swimming, and expert skincare treatments!

  • Leave flowers and/or balloons for them inside their car

Simple pleasures – right before they drive off to work or to run an errand, sit a small bouquet of flowers or a single balloon on their passenger seat to make them smile.

  • Play a little game of “Find the gift”

Leave a trail of notes or hints that only they would understand to lead them to your special gift.

  • Spend their lunch hour with them

lunch date

Too bad Vday isn’t a federal holiday, right? If you or your s/o are working on this day, visit them on their lunch hour. A simple gesture can go a long way.

  • Order something to arrive on Valentines day

Edible arrangements are always a classic, flowers will never go out of style, and small gifts to arrive on that very day makes it all the more special.

  • Arrange a fun, physical activity

Hiking, indoor trampoline park, Escape room, bar hopping, go kart racing, laser tagging, etc.

  • Make time for something they’ve been asking you to make time for

Men, how long has it been since you’ve fixed the door hinge and ladies how long has he been begging you to make one of his favorite meals? Set the time out, just for this day to fulfill their desires.

  • Have a game night with other couples

Invite some friends over, grab some wine coolers, break out the board/card games and let the games begin! Male vs Females if you’re feelng competitive. Make a bet if you want something to look forward to after winning.

  • Pop the question

valentines day ideas

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a big one but you can either pop the question for them to consider being your bf/gf or even your husband/wife. Good luck!


Written By: Selena Cintron

*All photos from Pixabay*

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