12 Things You Did Not Know About Ivanka Trump

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With Donald Trump becoming the 45th president of the United States, his eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, has become one of the most powerful women on the planet. Even more powerful than the first lady, Melania Trump, itself. Ivanka will play an active role in her father’s government. In spite of being Donald Trump’s daughter, she has been able to come out of his shadows and make a mark for herself. She is not just a beautiful daughter of a rich dad, but is also extremely smart, well educated and a successful businesswoman. Add to that list a good wife and mother, and she is the complete package. Here are 12 interesting facts you did not know about Ivanka Trump.

1. Ivana and Not Ivanka

Her real name is Ivana and not Ivanka. Her mother’s name is also Ivana and this might have led to some confusion in the household. Her mother was from the Czech Republic and Ivanka is the traditional Slavic variant of Ivana. So, the name was switched to avoid confusion.

2. Supported Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton was her father’s opponent in the 2016 presidential race, and it was one of the most hard-fought presidential elections. It became vicious and nasty things were said from both parties. But, there was a time when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were friends. Back in 2007, Ivanka Trump supported Hillary Clinton as the democratic presidential nominee against Barrack Obama. She had even donated $1,000 to Hillary’s campaign. She has even donated to Clinton Foundation as part of her father’s charitable work.

3. Ivanka and Chelsea Clinton Are Friends

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton, Hillary Clinton’s daughter, are good friends. It is difficult for a friendship to survive when your parents are fiercely fighting each other but these two have been friends for some time. They are both in their mid-thirties, come from a similar background and live in Manhattan. More importantly, they both are young mothers. It is even said that they have gone on double dates with their husbands too.

4. Performed On Stage

Ivanka, while growing up, had the desire to perform on stage and be an artist. She has performed in the ballet, “The Nutcracker” at the Lincoln Center. She even auditioned for Broadway. She wanted to act in “Les Miserables” and auditioned for the part of Cosette. Unfortunately, she did not get the part.

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