20 Reasons Why You Should Get Ample Sleep

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6. Build Muscle Easily


No sleep, no muscles. This is the reason why sleep is talked about in fitness forums and magazines. While awake, most of tissues and cells undergo a lot of damage. This tissues and cells are repaired during sleep. Growth hormones are also released during sleep. Hence, sleep plays an important role in muscle growth and recovery.

7. Better Weight Control


Sleep loss comes with the risk of weight gain. Getting the right amount of sleep helps you to maintain your weight.

8. Prevent Diabetes


Researchers have shown that less sleep can result in diabetes even if you are skinny. Diabetes can further lead to organ damage, blindness, amputations and strokes. If you are sleep deprived, you are more likely to develop diabetes.

9. Improves Mood


Less sleep makes you irate and cranky. This is of no good to you. You might snap at the smallest of matters, and this might affect your relationships negatively. So, sleep well, improve mood and feel great.

10. Safer Driver


One of the main reasons for many a disasters on the road is found to be sleep deprivation. The space shuttle Challenger’s destruction is also attributed to sleep deprivation. So, why take the risk. Have good sleep and be a safe driver.

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