20 Reasons Why You Should Get Ample Sleep

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Sleep is one of the most natural and comforting part of our daily life. Yet, most of us easily compromise on sleep in pursuit of materialistic success. But, what most of us don’t realize is that sleep loss negatively affects us. In fact, ample sleep has many positive effects on our overall wellbeing. Here, we list for you 20 benefits of getting good sleep.

1. Stay Fit


Sleep helps you stay fit. Good amount of sleep relaxes you body and helps its recover faster.

2. Healthier Skin


Studies have shown that chronic skin conditions and sleep deprivation are related. In fact, studies have shown that sleep loss, chronic skin conditions, anxiety and depression are all related and go together. When exposed to ultraviolet light, good sleepers recovered much faster than poor sleepers, and so did their skin. Aging was also faster among poor sleepers. So, good sleep will help your skin look great and age gracefully.

3. Learn Better and Clarity of Thoughts


Sufficient sleep clears your head and gives you clarity of thoughts. If you want to be a good decision maker, you can’t do it when you are sleep deprived. The same holds good when you have to learn something too. So, sleep, sleep, sleep…

4. Happy Life


We all known this and it is backed by research too. Poor sleep makes us unhappy. A research of 909 working women showed that poor sleep had a much more adverse effect on happiness than tight deadlines to complete work. This is not just true with professional life, but also in personal life. So if you want to be a happy person, sleep good.

5. Better Sex Life


If you are exhausted and tired, your sex life will definitely be poor. Getting good sleep takes care of exhaustion and tiredness. Also, it is found that lesser sleep is connected to low testosterone levels. So, ensure that your partner also gets ample sleep to enjoy your sex life.

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