12 Power Salads That Keep You Full For Hours

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Chicken Salad with Carrots and Pistachios


This salad is rich in protein, fiber and heart-smart fat. It is the unusual combination of pistachios, carrots and grapes that makes this salad sweet, filling and fun to eat. Skinless chicken-breast halves, black pepper, olive oil and scallion greens are some of the other ingredients used in this salad.

Southwestern Grilled Chicken Salad


This salad again consists of black beans. Black beans along with lettuce and corn fulfill 1/3rd of your daily fiber requirement. The salad is also rich in protein and other necessary nutrients.

Provencal Chicken and Vegetable Salad


Studies have shown that protein rich eggs are filling and keep you away from snacking in between meals. This salad is prepared using hard-boiled eggs and chicken giving you that extra boost to go without snacking.

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