12 Power Salads That Keep You Full For Hours

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Shrimp Salad


This salad uses 2 peeled and sliced avocados. Why is this important? Because avocados consist of monounsaturated fats that not only keeps you full, but is also great for flattening belly. In addition to avocados, the salad also has high protein, low calorie shrimps. The combination gives you a filling and healthy salad.

Black Bean Salad


Black bean salad is a vegetarian’s delight. Black beans are rich in fiber and proteins. Fibers are necessary ingredients to crush hunger, just a cup of black beans consist of your daily dose of fiber. Studies have also shown that people who eat black beans weigh much lesser than people who don’t.

Salmon and Mixed Greens Salad with Walnuts

salmon steak with vegetables

This salad is rich in omega-3s fatty acids. This is important because omega-3s keeps you full for long hours. These belly filling fatty acids are found in salmon and walnuts. This is the reason that this is a power salad in spite of only containing 300 calories. Consuming high amount omega-3s keeps you full longer than those who consume fewer omega-3s.

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