12 Power Salads That Keep You Full For Hours

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It’s time to satisfy your cravings with these 12 Power Salads That Keep You Full For Hours!

When you hear the word salad,’ does the word skimpy’ pop into your head? Do you worry about feeling empty and hungry within a couple of hours of eating a salad? Do you think that salad is just a few strands of carrot, watery lettuce and limp? Well, it’s all about to change now.

Let’s start with the most important of misconceptions. You don’t have to worry any more about craving for a cookie or a sandwich within a couple of hours of having a salad. Here we present to you 12 power salads that won’t leave you hungry for hours. Secondly, salads are not just a few slices of carrot and lettuce. Salads can include variety of ingredients, including fruits and nuts. Following power salads contain loads of healthy proteins to keep you full for long hours, numerous carbohydrates to convert into energy throughout the day, plenty of essential nutrients, required amounts of heart-healthy fat and are rich in fiber.

Chicken Caesar


Easily prepared in 15 minutes, this salad is loaded with satiating protein while remaining low on fat. The primary ingredient is a half-cup of chicken breast. Other ingredients include Parmesan cheese, lemon juice, garlic, black pepper, canola oil mayonnaise, anchovy paste and romaine lettuce.

Greek Salad


Loaded with low calorie vegetables, Greek Salad tricks your mind into believing that you have eaten a lot more than you actually have. This is a great example of the placebo effect and there is no reason why you shouldn’t try this. The salad also contains plenty of fiber and heart-healthy fats. You can add grilled chicken or fish if you like.

Flank Steak Chopped Steakhouse Salad


With an approximate 370 calorie per serving, this salad is rich in protein and iron, and keeps you going for hours. Trimmed lean flank steak is used in preparing this salad, and hence does not have any of the negative effects of red meat.

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