11 Inspiring Weight Loss Success Stories To Get You Off The Couch

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Most people think that the biggest obstacle to getting fit and healthy is the clean eating or working out regularly. But it is not true; the greatest obstacle to shedding those extra pounds and getting fit is “YOU.” Yup, you read it right. The biggest obstacle is YOU. Working out and getting fit is as much mental as it is physical. Once you are able to repair the shattered view of yourself and determine, the physical aspect of getting fit becomes a walk in the park.

So here when you are starting a new year, we have compiled a list of people who against all odds went from fat to fit. These people will not only inspire you but will also show you how to stick to the routine and beat the mental barriers:


This is simply one of the most inspiring fitness stories out there. Michelle started her weight loss journey in 2007 and has chronicled all aspects of it in her blog. Her story is incredible that she is featured in numerous magazines and TV shows, including, The Insider, San Francisco Chronicle and Ladies Home Journal.


There is no one way to fitness. You can mix and match, customize existing methods or create your own. Diane Carbonell did just that and today she is a successful author of the book, “150 Pounds Gone Forever.” Click here to learn more about her and her weight loss method.


Most women give up on fitness with age. They are of the opinion that you cannot shed those extra pounds once you are older. Shelley’s story shows that it is not the case. Shelley started on her weight loss journey in her late 40s. See her transformation here.


Check out Alan’s story here. He shows how anything is possible if you chose to go after it with vigor.


Mary Mack’s story is one of grit and determination. She not only shedding those extra pounds and became extremely fit, she went on to become a bodybuilder, fitness trainer, marathon runner and skate roller. She motivates and encourages people to adopt sustainable habits that result in good nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness. Do check out her blog here.


Most women give up on losing weight after pregnancy. Gabby sure did not believe so. Gabby lost over 120 pounds after become mother to two beautiful daughters. Today she empowers other women to do the same. Check out her website.

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