10 Ways To Get Your Instagram Feed Like Beyonce’s

beyonce pictures

Queen Beyonce is currently at 107 million Instagram followers. Her grid has been following a pattern lately, and we’ve noticed. Although we are all still waiting patiently for the image drop of her twins, we will show you just how to achieve a feed just like hers in the mean time.

  1. Have your rows correlate. Each row should have the same theme.

2. Use cool backgrounds

beyonce Knowles

3. Upload moving selfies

4. Strike a pose!

Beyonce style

5. Show some skin

6. Add some b&w filters

Beyonce singer

7. Rock your favorite outfit(s)

8. Put together collages


9. Include some throwbacks

10. Show off your shadesbeyonce instagram

*All images in this article were taken directly from Beyonce’s Instagram*

Written by: Selena Cintron

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