10 transitional weather items everyone should have in their closet

Transitional weather not rarely can be tricky. Seasons such as spring and fall are in most of the places in the world quite moody. One minute you are freezing the next one you feel like shedding your skin off how hot it gets. At the top of it you still want to look fashionable! It can get quite hard at times… unless you own items I will mention in this list, every single one of them will make your life easier and prettier.


  1. Denim Jacket

It is a classic at this point. No spring or fall season can go without a nice denim jacket. Designers like playing with its shape, texture, color, and patterns so you will most definitively find the one that is just ”made for you”


  1. Leather jacket

Another classic that sparks the imagination of designers from all over the world. Can be worn in basically all occasions and is a safe choice.


  1. Fur Vests

They come in all the possible shapes, fur lengths and styles, not to mention colors! The most important thing is that you can find fine quality ones that are NOT made of real animal fur.


  1. Wool coats

For the dash of simple elegance, you can always opt out for this urban classic. It will give you a dose of seriousness no matter with what you combine it.


  1. Leather sneakers

It might sound unconventional, but yes, everyone should own a pair of leather sneakers. They are a comfortable mix of sporty and fancy. You can wear them with anything.


  1. Ankle boots

No matter the style, color or material owning an ankle bootie is a must.


  1. Cardigans

They come in all possible lengths and colors, can be worn under the outwear or instead of it when the weather is warmer and they come in the plethora of interesting styles.


  1. Wellington boots

Fort he days when rain stubbornly falls wellington boots are perfect for. You can find them in classical styles but there are also many variations of them that you can even wear to more ”formal” occasions.


  1. Blazers

The trendiest for the year 2017/18 are long ones, they come in various designs and can be worn in so many fun ways. Perfect for the transitional weather times when you want to add a dose of classic to your look.


  1. Rollnecks

If you need to warm yourself up there is no better sweater than the one with a nice thick rollneck. It can be styled in so many ways and you should definitively own a couple, without question.

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