10 Movies to Motivate You to Get Fit Now!!!

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4. G.I. Jane

A story of a woman training to become a navy seal, “G.I. Jane” has some of the best training sequences in movies. Demi Moore is outstanding in the role and even does a one arm pushup. Now, how is that for motivation?

5. Town of Runners

Bekoji, a small town in Ethiopia, might not seem to offer much if you are a casual outsider. But, if you dig deeper you will come to realize that Bekoji is home to some of greatest long distance runners that the world has seen. Its runners have claimed 32 World Championships, broken 10 world records and have won 8 Olympic Golds. Did not expect that did you? Well, “Town of Runners” follows three young girls from the town who intend to and are working hard to achieve the feats that their predecessors have.

6. A League of Their Own

World War II had a very interesting effect on baseball in the US. When all the men were out fighting wars, women were roped in to be pinch hitters, and ‘Yes’ we mean literally. “A League of Their Own” stars Geena Davis, Tom Hanks and Madonna.

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