10 Movies to Motivate You to Get Fit Now!!!

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Have you been wanting to get back in shape but haven’t been able to find the zeal to do it? Well, here is some help to get you started. We have listed 10 movies that will motivate you to get started on those fitness goals that you have been putting off. These movies will not only motivate you to get back to working out but will also strengthen your commitment towards living a healthy life. So, let’s get started:

1. Girlfight

A great watch, “Girlfight” is the female version of “Rocky.” Showcasing raw grit and realism, the movie revolves around a teenager who wants to learn boxing while she struggles with her relationship with her father. Michelle Rodriguez, in her debut role, comes out trumps.

2. Million Dollar Baby

This is a must for every woman out there who wants to get fit and has been putting it off. One of Clint Eastwood’s best directorial movies, “Million Dollar Baby” revolves around a woman who is adamant on becoming a boxer even though is on young enough to be starting out as a professional boxer. Hillary Swank convincingly plays the role of a boxer where she moves and fights like one. She put in a lot of work to get the physique of a boxer and won an Oscar for it.

3. Rocky

One of the greatest underdog stories, “Rocky” will immediately get you running as soon as finish seeing the movie. Don’t believe us, just check this montage for yourself and tell us you weren’t inspired:

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